As an avid golfer, you’re always looking for ways to improve your game. Maybe you go to an indoor range whenever you have a free afternoon, or perhaps you love spending the weekends at one of Vail’s gorgeous courses. No matter where you choose to practice your golf technique, it turns out that visiting a Pilates studio can also provide you with a number of benefits when you go back to the green!

Synergy Center for Wellness in Vail is proud to offer massage therapy, Pilates classes, and a number of other services that can help you look and feel your best. Get in touch with us to learn more about attending a Pilates class, and read on to learn more about the connection between golf and Pilates!

How Pilates Can Help Your Golf Game


When it comes to golf, your form dictates your performance. As you’ve probably experienced, even a small muscular imbalance or having one foot slightly out of line can cause serious problems when your club connects with the ball (if it does at all!). Pilates classes help you develop the muscles required to maintain good posture, and it turns out that these are the same muscles required for impeccable golf form.


Power is one of the most important aspects of golf. You need to be able to drive the ball down the range, but you also need to be able to control and deliberately apply your power when it’s time to putt. Pilates helps you to strengthen your entire body, but your back muscles and your abdominals are two of the most important groups you can train if you want to develop better control. The strength you develop will allow you to drive the ball further down the course and follow through with exceptional form, and the flexibility you gain will help you reduce your risk of an injury on the course.

Injury Prevention

Golf is usually thought of as a relaxing sport, but in reality, it can be quite taxing on the body. Though a golf swing takes only about a second from start to finish, swinging a club requires complex motion that sends a great deal of compressive force throughout the body. You’ve probably known golfers who sustained a low back injury on the course or developed problems in their elbows and shoulders after years of playing.

As we briefly mentioned above, Pilates focuses on developing well-rounded muscles throughout the body, including those that are used whenever you’re on the course. It also focuses on developing muscular balance and core strength, which are two of the most effective ways to prevent injuries while participating in any kind of athletic activity.

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