We know — as a cyclist, the one place you want to be is on your bike with the wind at your back and the gorgeous Vail mountains ahead. Whether you’re a die-hard cyclist who rides each and every day or you’re simply a fan of getting out in the fresh air, adding Pilates into your routine can improve your cycling in a number of ways!

In today’s post, we’re going to take a look at just a few of the many reasons why Pilates is an excellent addition to your fitness routine. Synergy Center for Wellness in Vail offers a variety of Pilates classes that are perfect for beginners and advanced students alike. We would love to have you come to a session — get started today!

The Benefits of Pilates for Cyclists

Core Strength

You’ve probably heard the word “core” thrown around, but what does it mean?

Your core is comprised of muscles in your mid-torso, back, and basically everything besides your arms and legs. In addition to helping you maintain good posture and balance, your core protects your spine and can prevent injuries from putting you on the couch.

We won’t get too in-depth in today’s post, but in short, building core strength will help you transfer power more efficiently. This, in turn, allows you to pedal more efficiently and cover more miles in less time. Be sure to spend some time in our Vail Pilates studio if you’re looking to smash a personal record!


Whether you’re cycling, lifting weights, running, or doing any other kind of athletic training, balance is essential if you want to stay safe. Even a small muscular imbalance can cause other imbalances throughout your body, eventually leading to performance issues and injuries. Pilates classes teach you how to properly engage your core, back, and hip flexors, which are all used each and every time you get on a bike. Pilates classes also allow you to discover and work on weak and imbalanced muscles, and we know that you’ll see a difference in your cycling abilities after consistently developing your core!

Injury Rehabilitation

An injury of any kind can keep you off your bike and in constant pain. Whether you struggle with low back pain, knee problems, or another injury that flares up whenever you ride, visiting a Pilates studio on a regular basis could help you find the relief you need. In fact, Pilates is a lot like physical therapy! Instead of taxing the body with high-impact exercises and heavy weights, most Pilates classes utilize bodyweight exercises along with a few pieces of equipment to target injured and/or weak muscles with functional, rehabilitative exercises. However, we always recommend speaking with your doctor before visiting our Vail Pilates studio!

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