As an athlete, you’ve developed a training schedule that works for you. Maybe you enjoy hitting the gym before the sun shines over Vail’s beautiful mountains, or perhaps you’re a dedicated night owl who trains long after the sun has set. No matter how or where you train, shaking up your routine and focusing on becoming a well-rounded athlete can help you push past plateaus and reach a higher level of performance. Athletes around the country have incorporated Pilates into their routines for decades, and in today’s post, we’re going to take an in-depth look at what Pilates is and how it could benefit you.

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What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a low-impact, full-body training program designed to strengthen and stabilize your core muscles. It was developed by Joseph Pilates in the decades following World War II as he worked to create personalized training programs for gymnasts, circus performers, boxers, dancers, and many other athletes. It has since been improved upon and added to by health and exercise experts around the world.

The Benefits of Pilates

Well-Rounded Training

Pilates classes focus on developing balance, flexibility, core stability, and muscle coordination. These are all fundamental skills that can benefit athletes of any kind — even Olympic weightlifters! Some people are surprised to find that many routines can be completed using nothing but their body weight and a mat. If you normally work with heavy weights or spend your time running for extended periods of time, switching to bodyweight and core exercises could be just what you need to mix up your routine and strengthen muscles you don’t normally use.

Injury Prevention

Small injuries can leave you stuck on the sidelines for months. Serious injuries can alter the course of your training and progress for the rest of your life. As an athlete, it’s incredibly important to take every step you can to prevent injuries from setting you back. Regularly visiting a Pilates studio is a great first step, as it focuses on increasing your flexibility, improving your posture, and balancing your movement.

Low-Impact Exercise

Pilates is an excellent way for injured athletes to rehabilitate their bodies. Injuries are often caused by muscular imbalances, and sustaining an injury can cause the body to become even more imbalanced. This creates a vicious cycle that makes it extremely difficult to properly heal the injured area.

While Pilates workouts are certainly challenging, they’re not challenging in the way that lifting heavy weights or sprinting are. In fact, they’re actually quite similar to low-impact physical therapy routines! You should always speak with a doctor before taking up Pilates to help you recover from an injury, but many people have been able to stay active and reduce their pain through Pilates training.

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